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Sometimes warm & fuzzy,
other times raw and bloody.

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g'day !

Welcome stranger ....or returning traveller!
Glad to see you, you're looking well. I'm an Australian artist / illustrator based in Tasmania. What's this place for? I'm glad you asked!

be creative everyday. enjoy art, enjoy life. is the hub of my empire. I create art in many different ways and in many different places, and this space gives me a way of pointing awesome people like yourself in the right direction to things like:
So scroll on through dear visitor, discover more details about what I do, plus all the links to the various places where my art and designs are available to purchase. If you come across something I've created that excites you then please feel free to share it on your social feeds.  
A little share goes a long way and would mean the world to me.  

Thanks so much for stopping by here and at any of my storefronts.

Stay well, stay safe, enjoy art, enjoy life.

Let's Draw - Marvel's Black Widow - Adobe Draw Time-Lapse
Let's Draw - Marvel's Black Panther - Adobe Draw Time-Lapse
Let's Draw - Marvel's Baby Groot - Adobe Draw Time-Lapse
Let's Draw - Marvel's Star Lord - Adobe Draw Time-Lapse
Let's Draw - Marilyn Manson - Adobe Draw Time-Lapse
Let's Draw - Marvel's THOR! - Adobe Draw Time-Lapse
Let's Draw

Let's Draw! Channel





Sometimes life doesn't need to make sense!

Impress and bewilder everyone that crosses your path with this POTATO! Tee! They will know you are functioning on a whole other inter-dimensional level as they try to find the deeper meaning!





art prints

art prints
limited to
8 x 10 inch


Caricature portraits inspired by MY MCU FANDOM. 
Limited numbers available! Keep an eye out to grab your favorites before they sell out!
available now at
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  • Gallery-quality giclée art print
  • 8 in x 10 in
  • Signed
  • 100% cotton rag archival paper
  • Printed with archival inks
  • One-inch border for framing
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custom tee's

custom tees



Wear Art!

Wear art that makes a statement about you. If you're after bold, cute, funny or edgy designs, then you might just find your next favorite Tee at one of my storefronts. Use the logos below to head straight to your shop of choice for the latest Tees. Don't forget to keep an eye out for the latest promotions & discounts shown on the logos as well!
Collections are available at these storefronts!
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Say it!


all over



Initially inspired by South Korean cinema, these ink and marker portraits have been digitally 'remastered' for white Tees exclusively. The collection will expand with more heroes & villains who are just having a really bad day!

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Home to a growing collection of my characters with attitude. Whether they're kicking butt, being sexy, slaying zombies or saving the world, they always look cool doing it! When you wear one of these Tees people will know you mean business!


Let the world know you love who you are! Be proud to be you! All your quirks, beliefs, good and bad habits, they all mix together to make you...well you! 


Speak your mind! Say it! Vibrant & full of personality! They all have something to say, can you relate? If the answer is YES! then grab one of these and let your Tee do the talking!


twisted TEE'S

Twisted Ts



For Renegades, Outcasts and Poets!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - 
Inspired by the covers of Matthew Tonks four book POEMS series.  Each shirt comes with the striking Skull, Heart, Apple or Eye artwork for the front with a haunting poem from the book series selected by Matthew himself for the back. Share some poetry with the world as you walk the dog!
Prefer to be mobbed by more than 20 people?!...then be extra bold and pick up the Exclusive Red edition!

book covers


the twisted roads of

Matthew Tonks

     I met Matthew about a decade ago through work. At the time I had no idea he had a passion and gift for writing. Eventually he did give me some of his work to read and I immediately found myself conjuring creative ideas, images and twisted characters. Like minded spirits, I was able to bounce artistic ideas off of him and he could do the same with me with his writing.
    That led to me working on covers for a yet to be released series of novels he is writing. It was during this time he decided to challenge himself to write a short story everyday for a full year and post it online! This only confirmed my suspicions that he was indeed completely unhinged and had descended into madness! The true insanity was that a month later I decided to challenge myself to do the same, create a new art piece everyday and put it out there for the world to see. Both of us completed our challenges successfully, with volumes of creative work the result.
    Many ideas were born from that time, not the least of which was the release of Matthews first short story series, "Twisted Roads - An Anthology of Twisted Tales", which I had the privilege of creating the cover art and layout for. We worked together on bringing "The Roundhead" to life, and the artwork I created for the POEMS series now finds itself on these custom Tees.
    As you can see below, more books have been published since then, with many more to come in the future and if I am able I will happily create artwork for them all.  Well if you've read this far then you are a reader and I urge you to check out some of these books on Amazon or anywhere good books are sold. You can also keep up with Matthews latest releases, short stories and poetry at

Grab some of my artwork for the price  of a great book!....and bonus! get a great book!

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